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FenestraPro provides a façade design platform that identifies sustainable, energy-reducing solutions for architects, designers, and engineers. The design of the Website was already done however it was mainly programmed in react js and therefore the guys internally had little control over what they could edit. React js while efficient was impeding their ability to successfully optimise and rank their website for their target audience. We agreed to rebuild the website and design into a WordPress CMS using a theme design that matched the existing design as closely as possible. We converted the React js elements into videos that were then embedded into the website with other elements being customer coded in HTML and CSS. All elements are controlled from within the WP CMS. This overall design and UX required a series of custom coding requirements which we did in-house between Jackosn and Breno handling all requests. It was important to keep the white space within the page layouts so as not to overload the reader with too much content and to lead them quickly to CTA’s. Budget €5k to €7k



Putting together a successful project outline is all about knowing your key objections. That’s why when you contact our studio you can expect to hear a whole heap of questions – Who you arewhat you do and who you do it for. That way, when we move forward together, you’ll know you have a development partner who can represent exactly what your business is about while also taking it another leap ahead.