There Are 7 Qualities That Make A Great Website

Guest • November 24, 2021

    Your website is your company’s front door. This is where you make your first impression with existing customers and new prospects. It’s where you display your products, services, and expertise to potential clients. This is where you showcase […]

Building a Website that Ranks

Simon Fay • November 30, 2020

Whether you’re just starting out on your digital journey, or you already have a presence that isn’t performing as it should, creating a website that achieves your goals and represents your business in the right way can feel impossible to […]

How to Choose a Web Design Agency

JuvoDigital • October 20, 2020

Whether you’re looking to create your businesses first website or bring your current one up to date with a fresh new design, choosing the right company is a big decision. What they create will become the first impression most people […]

Why online sales and digital branding are more important than ever

JuvoDigital • August 28, 2020

Online sales have been consistently growing for quite some time. Giants like Amazon and eBay have fuelled some of this expansion, as have supermarket deliveries and better infrastructure. However, as the average consumer’s confidence has grown in eCommerce, the variety […]

Should I Incorporate SEO Into My Website Design?

JuvoDigital • July 30, 2020

SEO is one of the most discussed aspects of website design. Opinions vary from ‘it’s a waste of time’ to ‘it’s the most critical aspect’. If you understand SEO it’s easy to understand why there are so many opinions and […]

Making the most of your eCommerce site post Covid-19

JuvoDigital • June 30, 2020

We don’t think anyone would disagree that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to changes to the world that will stay with us for a very long time, or possibly even permanently. One effect is that many thousands of people have […]

The importance of mobile websites

JuvoDigital • March 26, 2020

For many years’ websites could only be viewed reliably on a PC. However, the explosion of smartphones led many marketers to realise websites needed to be as effective on mobile phones and tablets too. This happened in the late 1990s […]

The Importance of Website Maintenance and Support Services

JuvoDigital • February 3, 2020

When people think of websites, they tend to think about building their website. However, building a relevant, informative, and beautiful website for your business is just the beginning. There are many tasks that need to be performed on an ongoing […]

Why choose a WordPress site?

JuvoDigital • December 10, 2019

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, and with good reason. Using WordPress gives you the highest level of flexibility, whether you want a simple blog, a full e-commerce site, an informative business website, or a combination of them all, […]

What are the best eCommerce website development platforms?

JuvoDigital • December 3, 2019

There are countless eCommerce website development platforms currently available. This is unsurprising when you consider the eCommerce industry is estimated to be generating well over a trillion euros per year. Despite the Internet having already been around a while, there’s […]

Why is Responsive Website Design a Must?

JuvoDigital • November 4, 2019

The largest world-wide communications network is the Internet, and it is used by individuals, companies, governments and nearly every part of the developed world is reliant on it to some degree. The first Internet connection was made in 1969 by […]

Trends for web development in Dublin to keep an eye on in 2019/20

JuvoDigital • September 30, 2019

Nothing stays the same for long when you’re dealing with web development in Dublin. The industry is so fast paced that reputable and trusted companies must continually develop their strategies and approach to ensure their clients keep receiving the best […]

Social Media Marketing In The Digital Space

JuvoDigital • August 21, 2019

At present, there are around 7.7 billion people in the world today. At the start of this year, the global figure for social media use came to 3.48 billion according to We Are Social and Hootsuite. Social media use continues […]