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Dementia Trials Ireland enables everyone in Ireland to gain access to clinical trials when they become available. This was a very interesting and rewarding project for the Juvo team to get involved with. We started off with a number of discovery sessions with the DTI board and came up with a design direction. Budget was limited and so we went straight from discovery to content architecture, then to design, skipping wireframing in order to save time and budget. We shot a number of videos for DTI which we incorporated into the design direction and we also created a motion graphic of their logo which is prominent on the home page. We approached this project from a solutions point of view, Keeping the Brand to the forefront and using content supplied by the client as well as Video shot by ourselves. The UX was very important as well as the mobile responsiveness. The project cost was between €3k and €5k aincluding content creation.




Putting together a successful project outline is all about knowing your key objections. That’s why when you contact our studio you can expect to hear a whole heap of questions – Who you arewhat you do and who you do it for. That way, when we move forward together, you’ll know you have a development partner who can represent exactly what your business is about while also taking it another leap ahead.