• Juvo • January 30, 2019

Having your web design done professionally is of the utmost importance. Your website is the online identity of your brand. Users access a website with the intentions to find out more about what they are searching for on the web.

There’s no point in doing a half ass job on web design. The more interactive, visually stimulating and engaging your website is the longer a user will spend on the site. If you’re lucky and with the right kind of web design a user might just click on that contact form or purchase an item if you sell products. A professional website is a must for any business.

Professional Web Design For All Devices

The first reason why professional web design matters is to enable your site to be accessible to all users on various devices. With mobile becoming ever popular it is important your website is mobile friendly. What’s the point in having a great website if half of your audience typically searches for sites on their mobile and your site is not compatible?

Your web design needs to be created professionally to suit all devices, not only for laptops and computers. Sometimes a website appears differently across various devices. Now the basic website might be okay but if you are going for something more complex then web design needs to be done professionally.

Don’t forget to check your websites performance regularly either. Even with professional web design, sites need proper maintenance and support.

Effective Web Design Factors

Professional web design is one thing. If it’s visually appealing then you’re off to a good start. Professional and effective web design should go hand in hand so create a list of key factors and tick them off after professional web design is complete.

Factors for effective web design include:

  • An identifiable logo, something in which an audience can recognise your brand with
  • Images which stand out and are visually appealing to the user
  • Good Navigation which means simply how easy it is to get around your website. If services or sections are too hard to find then a user won’t hang around your website for long
  • Quality Content goes a long way and make sure it’s relevant and informative. The more engaging and a user will stay on your website for longer
  • Nobody likes a website that is slow to load. That is why fast loading is essential with professional web design. Research shows how users will abandon a site that doesn’t load in 3 seconds

Search Engine Optimisation

To be traceable and easily discovered through search engines such as Google professional web design matters in this regard. A website designed with being complimentary to search engines in mind is a website you want to have so choosing the right web designer who knows this is key.

Search terms (keywords in Digital Marketing language) should be included in the code of your website for specific pages. If done right, search engines will pick up your website, if done wrong, you will miss out on potential traction to your website.

Search engines reward websites with quality rankings when a web designers includes keywords within code. A web designer should be familiar with your brand or service in order to craft a list of keywords to add to your site.

For professional web design services that incorporate SEO click here for further information.

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