• Juvo • September 30, 2019
Trends for web development in Dublin to keep an eye on in 2019/20 - Juvo

Nothing stays the same for long when you’re dealing with web development in Dublin. The industry is so fast paced that reputable and trusted companies must continually develop their strategies and approach to ensure their clients keep receiving the best possible service. Here we’ll look at some of the trends we’ve been watching develop in recent years that might be more than just a fad.

Mobile gains prominence through AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google first introduced this project in 2015, but now it is rapidly becoming one of the things web development in Dublin has to include. AMP pages load considerably faster on any mobile device. This virtually instant load time has several advantages. It gives visitors to your site a much better experience, but it also means you’re likely to appear higher up the SERPs, because Google love fast websites. This means AMP is good for your SEO, which in turn increases your sites visibility.

PWA makes the web more user friendly

PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps. One of the reasons PWAs are growing in popularity is due to the way they push the web towards an experience more akin to a native mobile application. This helps any company that likes customer centric design, as it makes your website more user-friendly. Some of its features are also more useful for web development in Dublin, and the businesses behind it. It allows for push notifications directly to mobile devices and offline access.

As mobile use continues to grow, creating an experience that encapsulates what people love about using their mobile phones is important. Research shows that over eighty percent of time spent on mobile phones involves the use of an app. This is largely because mobile web browsers can be slow and awkward to use when compared to an app, but Progressive Web Apps go a long way to levelling the playing field for web development in Dublin.

The need for voice search optimisation grows

When performing web development in Dublin it’s crucial that voice search optimisation is high on the agenda. This is partly driven by the rise in home speakers and improvements in mobile assistants, such as Siri. It’s predicted that voice search will overtake normal searches before 2025, and it’s always the earliest adopters that benefit the most. We expect to see an increasing number of companies incorporating voice search optimisation into their SEO and web development in Dublin.

AI is a rapidly growing part of web development in Dublin

The AI industry is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. One of the areas most commonly in use at the moment is AI powered chatbots. It enables a company to create a consistent level of customer service globally. When coupled with machine learning, AI powered chatbots are proving to be a good investment for many companies where customer service matters. There’s a good chance you’ve spoken to one in live chat and might not be aware of it.

Motion UI will engage your visitors

We all know that first impressions count. In web development in Dublin the first impression your site makes is of the utmost importance. Not only do you have a matter of seconds to make a memorable impression, but you also want to engage the visitor enough to make them stay and explore. Motion UI helps you to achieve this by creating beautiful and eye-catching animations. Many companies are using it to animate design elements of their products, allowing potential customers to interact with the product and become more invested in it.

Because Motion UI works with any JavaScript framework it’s easily incorporated into a lot of web development in Dublin.

Push notifications provide a new way to catch your customers attention

Push notifications provide businesses with a great way to communicate important information to their clients. Sending a push notification that lets them know about a special offer or new item, as well as personalised push notifications that inform the user when a previously unavailable item comes back into stock, helps you to stay ever present in your customers mind. One of the advantages is that you don’t need people to register an e-mail address or sign-up to receive push notifications.

While this is worth considering when performing web development in Dublin, it’s as much a marketing opportunity as it is a web development one. This opens up a world of marketing possibilities using both downloaded and web apps.

Web development in Dublin becoming more API centred

As other hardware and software becomes more capable, connectivity between various devices and resources is becoming increasingly common. This is leading to web development in Dublin becoming more focused on API-first development in order to future proof their websites for potential connectivity issues. API development has always been a factor, but traditionally was usually more of an afterthought or side project on relevant websites, but we expect it to come more to the forefront as cultural trends continue to edge towards mobiles, wearables and more fully integrated devices.

Expert partners for your web development in Dublin

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