• Juvo • November 29, 2018
The Benefits Of Using The Laravel Framework

The Laravel framework is an excellent option for web development. It’s a PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell. Its simple syntax is expressive and elegant, making the process of web development more creative and fulfilling. For PHP developers, Laravel has been hailed as the best server-side language available that brings an element of enjoyment back to development. Before we look at Laravel in more detail, lets take a look at PHP.

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most common choices when it comes to creating web pages and applications. It’s an open source, server-side, scripting language. Its ability to interact with many different database languages, and the minimal cost, make it one of the most flexible and accessible languages.

Why use the Laravel framework

Many business owners or new start ups have an idea about what they want the end product to look like, but none of the technical expertise required to ensure it’s brought to fruition. This falls on the shoulders of the developers, whose job includes choosing the best technology to realise the clients’ ideas. Several common problems arise during web development, and below we’ll show you just some of the ways the Laravel framework helps to simplify the process, which saves the developer time and you money.

Experienced developers using the Laravel framework can deliver feature rich and secure websites and apps within a relatively short period of time. Tasks that can take hours are reduced to a matter of minutes with pre-built functions. This is good for the developer and for the client.

Authorisation and authentication

Creating and maintaining an integrity of your web application is critical. You need to ensure users are who they claim to be to prevent unauthorised access to secure areas. Laravel provides an out-of-the-box solution for most companies, making implementation and adaptation very straightforward.


Mail – Mail services are used by businesses for a variety of reasons, simple things like welcome e-mails to new users. These services are usually automated through a third party. Laravel framework offers a simple API over the SwiftMailer library, as well as providing drivers for several cloud based services, such as Mailgun, Mandrill, Amazon SES, SMTP, plus others.

Tools – There are a variety of tools available that can help to speed up your app and make monetisation easier. The Laravel framework makes it possible to configure several cache configurations, as well as supporting popular cache back ends such as Memcached and Redis. These help to boost the performance of the web app.

Automated testing

The automated testing really streamlines the developers ability to ensure what they have built does exactly what it should. It is often more thorough and comprehensive than manual tests, and quickly highlights any crashes, bugs, or errors that need to be rectified. Automated testing is a big factor of the Laravel framework, which also includes methodologies that enable expressive testing.


There are several things that impact usability. However, when an error occurs it can be frustrating for the user, making it critical how it’s dealt with. Failure to deal with the problem effectively can really impact the users satisfaction. Error and exception handling and logging can help to ensure issues are addressed quickly, and you can minimise disappointing or losing customers.

Management scheduling

A good task scheduler allows you to automate as many repetitive processes as possible, from sending e-mails to cleaning a database, these can be time consuming and unnecessary. Scheduling tasks can be awkward for some developers, but the Laravel framework allows fluent defining of a command schedule within the framework itself, which makes the whole process far simpler.

Code separation

By separating the business logic code from the presentation code at the earliest part of development, it becomes easier for designers to change the look of a webpage on their own, and developers can perform bug fixes and feature requests faster when the code separation is already done.

Addressing vulnerabilities

There are lots of common technical vulnerabilities that can crop up during the development process. These can include SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting to name a few. All vulnerabilities need to be addressed by the developer before delivering their end product to the customer. The Laravel framework secures your creation from the most common threats.

Conclusions about the Laravel framework

Many developers strive to complete all the most common tasks, which are virtually identical from project to project, as quickly as possible. It’s important the developer is confident that this is done without the loss of any quality, so they can concentrate on starting to create the custom functions. The Laravel framework makes it far easier to perform these common tasks, allowing them to get to the more unique and creative tasks much sooner.

Because the Laravel framework is scalable, it is suitable for virtually any project. It helps to save the developers time, which in turn, saves the customer money. As well as providing developers with a tool to build websites that are stable and easy to maintain, it makes the whole process faster and more enjoyable.

The popularity of the Laravel framework ensures there’s a vibrant and active community built around the resource. This means there is a plethora of detailed documentation, which is really useful when a developer needs to perform research.

There is much more

Successfully partnering with a developer that uses the Laravel framework will help your business to prosper in the year ahead. However, there are many more aspects to being successful in the digital world. Change happens quickly and being reactive is crucial. It’s hard to know which developments are crucial and which are pointless unless you live and breathe digital.

This is why it can be a good idea to get some professional help with your digital presence. Thankfully, this is what we specialise in. We’re an experienced and friendly bunch that’s always happy to help, regardless of whether you simply want pointing in the right direction or a complete all-in-one solution.

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