• Juvo • February 21, 2017
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Creating a website for your business can be quite a large undertaking.

As well as the products, services and information that you want to showcase, there are many other factors you need to take into consideration. Your company might have branding rules to follow, both for copywriting and design, and there might be numerous managers in your company who each have their own idea of what direction your website should go.

If you don’t channel it all through a professional work process, months can go by before any progress is made.

That’s why our creative team developed a 6-Step Web Design Process to ensure an effective turnaround time on every project we undertake.

Step 1 – We Get To Know You

Web design process

Juvo is all about Bespoke Web Design.

When you work with us, we take the time to understand everything about You, Your Business and Your Brand. We can do this by studying your brochures, brand guidelines and any other official material you have. Or we can meet in person and find out everything there is to know, right from the horse’s mouth.

Either way, by building a comprehensive profile on your company, we’ll be able to nail down a clear direction early in the process and proceed smoothly along to the next step.

Step 2 – We Craft A Look And A Voice

Web design process

The real fun begins when our creative team take what we learned about you and craft a Tone of Voice alongside early ideas for the web design.

After all, your website isn’t just going to be a gallery of images. Our Professional Copywriters craft content that doesn’t merely sit alongside the web design, but actually works in conjunction with it to bolster the overall brand of your business.

Step 3 – We Pitch A Design

Web design process

When our brainstorming period is over, we pitch a Homepage Mockup that illustrates what your website will look like. This is where much of our creative process pays off. The mockup will be rendered to completion, with professional photography, copy and graphic design, so you know exactly what kind of look and feel we will achieve for you.

Once you’re happy with the homepage mockup, we move onto Wireframes.

Step 4 – We Plan Out Every Page

Web design process

Because it would take too much time to show you a completely rendered mockup for every page of your website, the most efficient way to plan out your content is with Wireframes.

This is because wireframes allow for us to work with you in a systematic manner and help to prevent major changes further down the line – though their design is a lot more basic than the homepage mock, we can use them to outline where each piece of information on your website will go.

As such, we don’t move onto the next step until everybody is satisfied with the wireframe design.

Step 5 – We Preview Your Website

Web design process

Of course, you’ll get to see exactly what your website looks like before it goes live.

With proper planning, we’ll have avoided the need for any considerable alterations (which are much more difficult once the website has actually been built) and be able to address little bits and pieces that have changed over time – your contact number, email details, photography choices and other minor adjustments can all be addressed before it’s out in the public eye.

Step 6 – We Launch


Web design process for business owners

The big Launch Day of your company’s website is probably the most exciting of the bunch, but it’s also one of the easiest. Each design we provided will have been approved. Every line of text on the website will have been read over. And any photographs of your business and staff will have been treated to perfection.

The only thing you’ll need to do now is plan the party – everything else can be left up to us.

If you need help getting your business found online, our team has the skills and experience to help you along your digital journey. Contact us today on 01 525 2534 or email mark@juvo.ie.

Want to have a chat about your project? Juvo specialises in web design, web development and content creation. All you have to do is send us a message or call (+353) 1 525 2534 to talk with us today.

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