• Juvo • August 12, 2019
ecommerce web development

As time goes on more and more consumers turn to shopping online for the quick and simple experience. From groceries to clothes, there is something for everyone online to buy. With a few taps of a consumers’ smart phone they can literally have their weekly grocery shop delivered to their very home in a matter of days.

When planning out your Ecommerce website development you want to make the design the most effective it can be to get the most out of sales. Below are a few tips on how to do just that.

Make The Design Simple

The design of your Ecommerce store should be kept simple and easy to navigate across. It is essential the design falls in line with what your target audience needs and directs them to where to buy without confusion.

Avoid stock imagery, complicated animations or too much content or vague terminology. Don’t put your customers off before they even have a chance to properly look at your site.

High Quality Images

Beware low quality imagery in your Ecommerce web development. Customers will not be inclined to buy your products if the product images are blurry and unclear.

By using high-quality imagery for your products customers will so too consider the products they are viewing as high-quality. They will be compelled to make a purchase. Consider using product videos also to highlight how great your products are even more.

Make The Shopping Cart Stand Out

The more a shopping cart icon appears across your ecommerce website the more effective this will be for sales and conversions.

The shopping cart should be visible on every page a consumer clicks on, serving as a reminder they have items in their cart that require checkout. This strategy is useful in dealing with cart abandonment problems.


If you have a large selection of products available filtering is essential. Improving a customer experience online should be your number one goal and filtering products into relevant categories is part of this.

If someone happens across your Ecommerce store and they cannot find what they are looking for, that’s it, they’re gone. Extensive filters are really mandatory.

Include Customer Testimonials

Never underestimate the value of customer testimonials in your Ecommerce web development. Those who land on your online store are social creatures. People are more inclined to buy when they see positive reviews of products from those who have purchased from you before.

Building up your positive reviews and testimonials will give consumers the confidence to give your products a chance. Customer testimonials should be placed in a prominent spot on your site, like having a separate page dedicated to this which is easily accessible from the homepage.

Ready To Start Your Project?

When you are ready to start your Ecommerce web development project look no further than Juvo. We have just the right tools to make your online store concept into a top-quality Ecommerce website.

By using effective Ecommerce web development to its full advantage you can not only attract customers but keep them coming back time and time again. Take the plunge today by calling 01 525 2534 or by emailing mark@juvo.ie.

Want to have a chat about your project? Juvo specialises in web design, web development and content creation. All you have to do is send us a message or call (+353) 1 525 2534 to talk with us today.

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