• Juvo • March 7, 2018
Why Dublin Is The Place To Be For A Digital Marketing Career

Dublin has always been a great place to live, study, work and visit. It’s a cultural melting pot packed with history. However, over the last decade, Dublin has added a new feather to its cap. It’s now also a thriving hub of digital industry. Companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook have all added weight to Dublin’s digital industry. With Government, businesses and higher education all pushing in the same direction, Dublin is set to be one of Europe’s most exciting technology hubs for many years to come.

One of the most exciting developments is the way the citizens of Dublin have embraced the whole tech culture. Lots of smaller digital agencies now operate from Dublin, creating a raft of opportunities for people looking to get into the industry, as well as fuelling further growth of both the digital sector and local economy.

There’s more to come for Dublin

Intel has been using Dublin as the base for their trial of the CityWatch project. The project is a collaboration between Intel, Trinity College, the local council and the citizens of Dublin. Martin Curley, Director of Intel Labs Europe, shares our love of the city, ‘Dublin is in a nice position to move ahead and it’s poised to become a global leader.’ Obviously impressed by the participation rates in Dublin, Curley also says, ‘There is a big opportunity to make Dublin a test centre for future technologies and create jobs.’

As the influx of global players continues, the smaller tech companies and digital marketers, like Juvo, will continue to pop up and gravitate towards them. Dublin already has an impressive pool of talent, but tomorrow’s challenges will require an even bigger digital community. At a time when many cities, and even countries, are feeling the affects of austerity and financial instability, Dublin’s bright and technological future looks more appealing than ever and offers students and workers a vibrant and positive alternative.

Embraced by education


As well as the companies and people of Dublin, the education sector has embraced the idea of a digital Dublin and run with it. There are an abundance of courses available if you’re considering a future in digital marketing. Institutions are adopting more courses to accommodate demand, like Trinity College Dublin that offers an MSc in digital marketing strategy, while University College Dublin offers several courses in marketing. Both institutions have full and part-time options.

In addition to these two, there is also Dublin Business School, Dublin City University, and many more. Even some of the institutions outside the city centre, such as the Institute of Technology Carlow, have embraced the nearby tech boom.

If you’re looking to further your education in a fast paced and vibrant digital environment, then Dublin offers everything you need.

Digital marketing crosses borders

The role of being a digital marketer, as well as the global companies operating in Dublin, has created lots of less obvious opportunities. Many of these opportunities are for people who are multilingual. If you can speak French, German, or just about any other language, or you’re a native speaker that can also speak English, there are lots of opportunities in Dublin. This is great for an increasingly multicultural talent pool.

An ever-growing number of resources and events

Resources and events specifically aimed at digital marketing, and the wider tech industry, naturally want to be as easily accessible by the highest number of people. As a major city with a huge tech presence Dublin is attracting a growing number of events. Events like Learn Inbound or 3XE  are becoming a more common site.

There are greater number of meet-ups, conferences, and digital marketing resources appearing every year. They are a great way for the local talent pool to keep bang up to date with all the latest trends and possibly even learn something new.

Backed in every sector

The proactive adoption of all things tech reaches into every corner of life in Dublin. Even the Government has helped to create a Policy and Practice initiative that will ensure Dublin keeps moving in an innovative and increasingly tech focused direction. Click Digital Dublin to find out more about the ways they are using digital tools and solutions to efficiently serve the City.

They have even set up the Digital Dublin Leadership Forum that brings together key players from throughout the digital universe, as well as giving academia and the citizens of Dublin a voice.

Dublin’s high-tech hombre

Lots of cities twin with other cities all around the globe, but Dublin now has a digital twin city. Guadalajara, in Mexico, is home to over 100 software companies spread over 20 corporate campuses, 20 universities, and the talent pool has an average of 24. Their digital culture and innovative thinking has combined with a strong educational infrastructure to make Guadalajara a high-tech powerhouse. Sharing so many of its traits with Dublin, it’s not surprising the two cities are perfect partners.

Reach out to us

If you’re thinking of, or are already training, in Dublin towards a digital marketing qualification, then please feel free to get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch and love to hear from new people in our community.

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