• Juvo • January 19, 2023
The oldest fruit bearing tree in Ireland. It is a pear tree. This pear tree, of the Pyrus Communis variety, is estimated to be between 150 and 200 years old, making it the oldest fruit bearing tree in Ireland.

Ireland is home to many beautiful and historic landmarks, but few are as unique as the fruit bearing tree located on the Digital Hub campus. This pear tree, of the Pyrus Communis variety, is estimated to be between 150 and 200 years old, making it the oldest fruit bearing tree in Ireland.

This tree is not just any ordinary tree, it has a rich history and cultural significance that makes it truly special. According to a survey by the Tree Council of Ireland in 2009, the tree is believed to have been planted during the time of the Great Famine, a period in Ireland’s history that saw a devastating loss of life and cultural heritage.

The Digital Hub, recognizing the significance of this tree, asked us to create a video to document the harvesting of the pear tree just outside the main reception. Alongside the filming, representatives from the National College of Art & Design, Liberties Training College, and the South Inner City Community Development Association (SICCDA) were interviewed about the importance of this tree and how to put its crop to good use.

The pear tree is not only a symbol of resilience and survival, but it also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving cultural heritage. The representatives from NCAD, Liberties Training College and SICCDA emphasized the significance of preserving this ancient tree and utilizing its bountiful harvest as a way of preserving the rich cultural heritage of Ireland.

The video our production team produced for the Digital Hub is a must-watch for anyone interested in Ireland’s history and culture. It offers a unique glimpse into the past and a chance to appreciate the significance of this ancient tree. It also highlights the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and utilizing it to make a positive impact on our community.
In conclusion, the pear tree located on the Digital Hub campus is not just a tree, but a symbol of Ireland’s rich history and cultural heritage. Its preservation and utilization not only honors the past but also helps to shape a better future.



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