• Juvo • February 15, 2019
hat has fuelled Dublin’s Web Design Culture?

People will already know Dublin for a variety of reasons, from hospitable holidays to first class education. However, Dublin has rapidly become one of Europe’s thriving business hubs. Over the last couple of decades, our diverse and historic city has become home to some of the world’s leading companies. We’ve embraced our new role as a global services hub and welcomed the wider impact this has had on our community.

Amongst the global players to set up in Dublin, there are many tech companies. This, combined with other efforts, has led to a thriving tech scene and created Dublin’s web design culture. A big part of this scene is a growing need for digital services. While this single aspect is dynamic and exciting in its own right, it’s impossible to understand it fully without first understanding why it’s happening in Dublin.

The trickle down affect

While everyone knows companies like Facebook, Google, and Intel have a big presence here; the benefits for the wider economy have proved even more fruitful. Having all these multinationals present creates a sizeable well-paid workforce with disposable income.

This has led to the local businesses also thriving, with new start-ups popping up to cater to the workforce. In addition to this, the massive pool of talent now available has also created an environment that’s very fertile when it comes to new tech start-ups.

This pro-business environment has fuelled growth in sectors that serve the modern business, which includes web design. Every new start-up and existing business that wants to tap into the expanding economy needs a web presence, SEO, and social media management.

Opportunities abound

The way we’ve embraced Dublin’s web design culture has given rise to lots of smaller digital agencies, which create a whole host of opportunities for people looking to break into the industry.

Whether you’re a student or an established industry professional, Dublin’s web design culture provides a vibrant and energetic place to work and live. The pool of talent in Dublin is growing, but needs to expand further if it’s going to meet the demands of tomorrow.

The growth keeps on… well… growing

When compared to the rest of Europe, the Irish economy is looking very healthy. We are currently the fastest growing country in the EU, largely driven by the activities of all the multinationals that now call Dublin home.

All projections show we are going to enjoy this growth for a few more years yet. With government agencies, the education authority, and the general populace all pushing in the same direction, Dublin is only going to continue to grow as a digital centre in Europe.

There are many positives when doing business in Dublin. We are the only English speaking capital in the Eurozone, making us an ideal choice for companies from other English speaking countries looking to gain access to the EU’s 500 million consumers.

An excellent transport network serves Dublin, and the airport is only 10km from the city. Dublin’s size makes it an easy place to conduct business.

Government incentives

Ireland’s government has facilitated the growth of both international and domestic companies by adopting a corporate tax rate of just 12.5 percent and R&D Credits of 25 percent. This has created a favourable environment for business, and has made Dublin the gateway to Europe for many multinational companies. Our corporate tax regime was even mentioned recently by the governor of the Bank of France.

There are also a variety of organisations that have been set up to help businesses. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation is ensuring high-quality full time employment across all regions of Ireland. The Local Enterprise Office should be the first stop for anyone thinking of starting a new business in Dublin. The Irish Development Board promotes direct foreign investment into Ireland.

Investment in education

Ireland has one of the most highly educated workforces in Europe. The education sector has been proactive in embracing digital education, helping to arm people with the skills to become part of Dublin’s web design culture. Institutions are adopting more courses to accommodate demand, like Trinity College Dublin that offers an MSc in digital marketing strategy, while University College Dublin offers several courses in marketing. Both institutions have full and part-time options.

Over half of 30-34 year-olds have completed third-level education. This gives potential employers a great pool of homegrown and international talent to choose from. It also makes Ireland on the whole, and Dublin in particular, a great place for students looking for a place to further their education in a tech driven environment. This constant investment in the future of not just our economy, but also the younger generation, is going to pay dividends for decades to come.

Becoming the European home of so many multinationals has also opened up a variety of non-tech based roles. People who speak at least one additional language are sought after, as are foreign nationals that also speak English.

Chat to a company at the heart of Dublin’s web design culture

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If you’re thinking of, or are already training, in Dublin towards a digital marketing qualification, then please feel free to get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch and love to hear from new people in our community. If you run an existing business, or are starting a new one, then we can help you. A successful web project involves more than the right technology, it requires selecting the right people. Contact us today on 01 525 2534 if you need help with your web design, or any other aspect of your digital presence. Alternatively, e-mail mark@juvo.ie. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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